About Me

Hi, I'm Amber Adair! I am a certified facial and body wax specialist and have been practicing since 2003. I am a graduate of the Florida Academy in Fort Myers, Florida. I see my career as a hobby first and genuinely enjoy providing services to my clients.

I offer a range of Tallahassee facial treatments from thirty minute express facials to peels. I use Only Yourx skin care products exclusively because they are plant-based, earth friendly, and free of preservatives. The Only Yourx Peels penetrate slower than standard chemical peels and cause less trauma to the skin. Only Yourx peels are very effective yet still enable my clients to go back to work or go out for a night on the town the same day. I make sure that every one of my clients go home with an understanding of how they can best care for their skin outside of the treatment room.

My Tallahassee waxing services are full body waxing for women. I specialize in bikini and Brazilian waxes, as well as arms, legs, back and chest waxes for men. I use hard wax exclusively for sensitive body parts like the bikini and underarm areas. Hard wax molds to your body shape to provide a clean, less painful, and more effective removal of body hair. Hard wax is perfect for people with sensitive skin that are prone to ingrown hairs. A wax session is a very private service. My comforting demeanor will give you the trust and confidence you need to try something new and exciting.

I work best with clients who will follow their skin care routines and are willing to trust my waxing recommendations. Ultimately, I believe that a regimented skin care routine coupled with regular facials is the best way to achieve lasting results. I love to see the transformations in my clients’ lives that come from a specialized facial or even a bold new wax.