Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hair Removal -- Rundown and Pricing

Are you starting to notice hair in areas that are undesirable to you? Are you thinking about waxing or laser hair removal? You may be a longtime client of mine, so let this be a reminder that Summer is in full swing, so I recommend having a standing appointment this time of year to secure your spot so that you stay hair-free!  Let me start by saying that both laser and waxing are great, so here are some things to consider.

Laser is fantastic if your skin is light and your hair is dark in combination. You pretty much can expect a decent result. Basically laser targets the hair follicle to kill the root of the hair. The hope is  eventually the hair is gone for good, never to return. For some people it doesn't work as well and you may need some maintenance a few times a year to stay hair-free. I always recommend to clients that have questions about laser to have a consultation with a laser specialist if you are interested because it never hurts to find out if you are a candidate. But beware: once the hair is gone it may be gone for good, so make 100% sure it's in a place you never want hair to return.

As for waxing, you can expect smooth, silky skin the same day you get waxed. It's immediate gratification if you can't stand hair. It's also holistic, low-cost, and proven with no long term side effects. Short term, your skin made be red and tender for a few hours to a couple of days.

I recommend for any body part you want waxed to let the hair grow to about an 1/4 of an inch long. At 1/4 of an inch it will be long enough for the wax to grab with little to no breakage of the hair as it is removed. The result is smooth, stubble-free skin for at least 3 1/2 to 4 weeks for most people. Over the course of two to three years of consistent waxing you'll notice less hair growth.  I recommend taking two ibuprofen 30 minutes before your appointment to help with pain and the redness. Keep in mind, a brazilian/bikini wax session with me only lasts about 15 minutes tops and you will be perfectly smooth when I'm finished. You'll be a happy camper when you leave!

I recommend exfoliating any body part with exfoliating gloves before waxing and once a day there after to remove cellular debris. Exfoliating ensures the hair grows back standing straight up and will be less likely to grow sideways into the skin. Hair typically grows sideways because skin cells that have not been exfoliated stack on top of each other resulting in a snake-like look under the skin. The hair will usually look windy under the skin and will have thick layers of skin over it. This is the beginning of ingrown hairs when you don't exfoliate. Those little "snakes" can turn into an infection under the skin and can be painful to the touch. If you already suffer from this, no worries! You can come pick up a pair of exfoliating gloves ASAP and it should only take a couple of months for the ingrown hairs to disappear. You can also use a sugar or sea salt scrub. Note waxing helps prevent ingrown hairs whereas shaving is a major cause. If you are prone to ingrown hairs, skipping days of exfoliating is bad bad. With waxing, consistency is key

As for designs for your bikini wax or pricing for other body waxes read this wikipedia entry. Keep in mind the link is just the encyclopedia version of wax styles and is outdated in my opinion. But it's a good start for you to understand because it's text with photos. (If you are under 18, please do not read without your parents permission.)

Many of us are familiar with a Google search, so if you are curious, do your home work! You can ask for anything you wish and even make up your own personal look. Do not hesitate to communicate to me what you want. There is no judgement in the waxing room ladies! Feel comfortable, and trust that I will take care of you and take your pain levels into consideration. I am very skilled and will give you the best wax in town! And note I use hard wax only on your private royalty ladies!

Click here for basic pricing for variations of commonly requested waxes.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Dr.'s Office Facials vs Basic Skin Care

Brier skin care facial
Prepped and ready for a basic skin care facial
One question I get asked all time when I'm out mingling around town or having dinner with family and friends is, "What's the difference between facials at a doctor's office and the kind of facials you do?"

My answer is simple: facials at a doctor's office are similar to what I do except the doctor is more likely to prescribe Retin-a, Acutane or some other prescription medications first. They are more likely to suggest a laser facial, facial surgery, or botox before they ask you about your diet or habits. Sure, botox is an easy, quick fix. Sure, the wrinkles can disappear, but what's the point if you keep your lifestyle the same or don't change your skin care regimen? You are just in a cycle of insanity: doing the same thing expecting different results. The main concern of a dermatologist is finding and treating diseases of the skin. Skin cancer, abnormal moles, out of control cystic acne, and other diseases of the skin are some of the main things they are experts on. Most of the basic skin care issues like acne, skin breakouts, monthly facials, extractions and peels will usually be referred to an aesthetician to preform. That aesthetician will solely make the decision regarding what is the best treatment to do since that is their total scope of knowledge. Usually that aesthetician will work in the dermatology office or the aesthetician can work independently because they are licensed to practice basic skin care in their state.

As for basic skin care, what I do is conceptually similar to what a aesthetician working in a dermatology office does. I'm licensed to analyze your skin. From here I choose the best treatment to correct your problem. I preform extractions to remove any dirt and sebum trapped in your pores. I also massage more than the average aesthetician because massage is a very important part of your monthly facial regimen. And I have the time to spend as much time with you as I wish because I'm not being ordered by a doctor so I can keep the atmosphere pretty enjoyable and less sterile.

Facials with me are more of a lifestyle change for you and I put a little work back on you to use your products so that you see long term results. Failing to do so leads to ups and downs with your skin's condition and you'll never see the long term change that you seek. I'm neither a medical facility nor a foo foo spa. You can expect a middle ground with me. You will receive a great facial and see results while being relaxed! I do not take the place of a dermatologist and a dermatologist can't take the place of an aesthetician like me. Together, with our team effort, you are sure to have every need met with some pretty desired perks along the way too!

Medical treatments like facial surgery do have their place and are still valuable, but only if you truly need them. They can never replace the need for a proper diet and a basic skin care routine.
I welcome comments and I would love to hear your experiences with this subject.

Rebecca Thomas - Tallahassee Client Review

Skin care review for Adair Skin Care of Tallahassee. Thanks Rebecca!

I returned to Amber today for my skin care needs, after shopping around a bit. I’m so glad I did!! She is the best! Thank you, Amber!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Personal experience: A sudden skin reaction!

Just wanted to share that over Memorial Day weekend I had what looked like a sun rash pop up on my left cheek! I was a little worried it may be the first signs of rosacea given rosacea can be triggered by prolonged sun exposure and I had been exposed to the sun pretty much the entire day.

Just to give you the play by play, first I took precautionary measures and treated the problem as if it was just a break out. I used Cosmedix Benefit Clean to cleanse and Cosmedix Emulsion to hydrate my face morning and night. I kept my hands off my face and changed my pillow case each night. In two days my problem cleared up. This is a good example of treating your skin well when you suddenly see horrific bumps on your face. There is no need to dry-out the breakout. Instead, give your skin the water and moisture it needs to repair healthy new cells!

Think of a cut. If you dry the cut out it doesn't heal as well as a cut that has been cleansed and bandaged to preserve moisture so it can heal. The exact way of thinking pertains in this case. Our skin is designed to heal itself when given proper nutrition, water, and cleansing. These are building blocks the skin can benefit from to repair healthy cells which result in clear skin. 

I don't know what exactly caused the break out, but the basics of skin care surely cleared up my skin!

If this ever happens to you book a hydrating facial ASAP and do not use any harsh products on your face in the meantime!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Client review: Beverly Pollock

Here is a Facebook message review from my client Beverly Pollock whose skin I treated at Body Wisdom.

She looks beautiful!

Thanks so much Amber for help clearing up my skin! Who would have thought that exfoliating gloves would have made such a difference by evening out my skin tone and fading my dark spots in such a short amount of time (1 month). Everything you have recommended has been right on from switching cleansers, the exfoliating gloves, cosmedix products etc. My skin has done a complete turn around! I can't wait to see what my skin will look like in 2 months!