Thursday, March 29, 2012

Help save John Paul II Catholic High School!

Mary DiMarco, a loyal client, a dynamic personality, and a person with a love for her son's school is on the board of directors at John Paul II. Mary has been working tirelessly along with others to save this amazing school. When I heard their story I was touched and truly thankful that John Paul II gave scholarships to needy students from my home town in Quincy, Fl. If you are familiar with the area then you know Quincy and the surrounding areas are filled with "F" schools, gangs, drugs and are stricken with poverty. I was pretty impressed with how this school reached out to those children who otherwise could never dream of attending a pristine school like John Paul II!

This article at Catholic Online details more about their story. Here is a YouTube video showing some of the amazing students at John Paul II Catholic High School:

The school website is and the link to donate is on the right. Please make a donation to help Tallahassee's only Catholic school and make a difference in our own community!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Signature Facial Client Review - Abigail Kahl

Here is another review from a Body Wisdom of Tallahassee client of mine, Abigail Kahl. She really loved her signature facial!

My Signature Facial I went to body wisdom this morning and got a “signature facial” by Amber Adair. She is simply the best! Every time I go I feel refreshed, relaxed, and ready to go for another two months. I used to think I needed to go every month for my facials to be effective however Amber taught me that each person’s skin is different and that if I can only make it every two months, my regimen would be just fine. The Cosmedix products that she uses on my skin make it feel so smooth and they smell delicious. Unlike other Aesthetician’s, Amber also does an amazing foot, arm, and neck massage while the products are working and the vaporization machine is going. She is also very gentle with her extractions (which with other facials I have at other spas have been terrible and scared me away from facials for years) yet gets all the impurities out of my skin. I also appreciate that every time I go in, Amber always has advice and encouragement for my skin care routine. Nothing makes me feel better than hearing that my skin is improving and that my facials are working! I have never had a facial that not only made my skin feel near perfect but that also came with superb customer service that makes me feel special and like I’m her only client of the day. Thank you Amber! - Abigail M. Kahl

Monday, March 26, 2012

Eyebrow waxing and Tinting

An eyebrow wax and tinting serves one purpose: it frames your face and gives it symmetry which enhances your wonderful face shape. A professional eyebrow wax can make your eyes appear more open and pop.

But sometimes waxing is not enough to create this look. Tinting the brows is necessary if your hair is blonde, grey, or if you have dark brows but want them bolder, or if you changed your hair color. The tint I use is a vegetable dye and rinses out in 8 washes. There is no line of demarcation like hair dyes; when the color fades it just washes out. So no worries of having brow roots! It fades right back to your natural color. At first, tinted brows may seem very bold and a little unnatural. This is because some of the dye will stick to your skin in the brow hair but after two washes it blends right in.

Britney, in the process of growing her brows out. This is what the
growing out stage looks like. You can see a little unevenness
and she's about 4 months away from perfect brows! This is the
after picture of waxing and tinting!
Beginning stages but a full arch is on the way!

Mrs. Carolyn, a long time loyal client of Body Wisdom, has been consistent with her brows for about 5 years. Carolyn was one of the first Body Wisdom clients I serviced when I started my journey at Body Wisdom 5 years ago.

Here we have her brows perfectly waxed, arched and tinted to give her face a beautiful shape and symmetry. This is a perfect example of how waxing and tinting the brows pop her skin tone and help her brows look thicker.

Here'a a mother-daughter service for waxing and tinting. My client Wendy brought her mother to see me. It was her mom's very first time getting a professional brow service done! I was honored and, yet again, happy clients warm my heart!

So book your brow tinting and waxing appointment today and I'll recommend the perfect shape and color for your face!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gorgeous Eyebrows Take Dedication

Would you like full, well-arched eyebrows that frame your face perfectly but think you can't grow any?

Ask yourself, "How often do I look in the mirror and tweeze"? Each eyebrow hair that grows is important. Just one hair could could make or break the evenness in your brows. When you constantly tweeze you aren't giving the brows enough time to fill in empty spaces in your brows.

Ever wonder when you get your brows waxed every two weeks for months they appear thinner and thinner and you think to yourself, "My eyebrows look thin, I'm trying someone new"! There is such a thing as over waxing!

I suggest about every two and a half to three weeks for a brow wax. Every two weeks is a little excessive and if there isn't ample hair to remove the brow just gets thiner and thiner. Please do not tweeze in between brow appointments as it makes the hair coarse and hard to remove.

Ever think "I just had my brows waxed but I have what looks like specks of pepper in my brows"? Thats because the hair was too short to remove. If you tweezed or shaved recently then wax will not remove that hair until it is long enough.

It takes about 6 months of regular eyebrow waxes to fully shape your brows from scratch. There are cases where a client may really have an issue far beyond over tweezing thats not allowing hair growth. In these cases have a consultation with your aesthetician first. Most of the time your problem is an easy fix!  Be patient! Most people are more than capable of having beautiful brows to frame their face.

Here is a finished product of a client that laid down the tweezer. Lara has been loyal and consistent with brow appointments for about 2 years. It took around 6 months to fully complete the grow out period with her brows! One thing is for sure: they are gorgeous!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The path to my skin care and waxing career

Me, accepting my diploma.
I celebrate my career of nine years today! I remember on March 6th, 2003, nine years ago today, when I stood to get my diploma all proud and my head held high! I worked really hard to have all my clinicals, tests, and services completed to get my diploma on graduation night. I also got an award for perfect attendance and was the only student to have completed everything on time. It was a milestone accomplishment. I had always dreamed of becoming an aesthetician and hoped some day I'd get the privilege to attend a good school. When the opportunity came for me to move to Ft. Myers to attend Florida Academy I was scared, but excited at the same time. I thought this was my chance if I wanted to go for this career.

When I was sixteen years old, I began working at a telemarketing firm. I thought this was a good way to make money given my medical circumstances. I was born with scoliosis, so waiting tables or any job that requires lifting was out of the question. I learned through working as a telemarketer that I'm fantastic with people and it taught me to not be offended by the word "no." To this day, when I hear a "no" I also know a "yes" is just around the corner! I'm persistent with my knowledge and care for what I'm doing. I have also worked in salons as a receptionist and during that time I met a super-inspiring aesthetician who I thought was the best and she fit the role to a tee. I noticed how serious she was and how being an aesthetician wasn't just a job, it was her career. I thought to myself, yes, this is a career. These people have a real job and they are making a difference in the world with their passion for service and people. I was touched in such a way that I no longer was caught up in the thinking that getting a degree from a University was the only way! In fact, trades have some of the highest paying jobs and are very important jobs at that! I knew my heart was in the right place and I just had a few more obstacles to face before I could pursue this career. 

At the age of eighteen, I had my first surgery for my scoliosis to correct the curvature of my spine. It was a very scary time and was demanding on myself to heal and recover. I thought to myself as I was prepping for surgery, I can do this! I'm going to have this surgery, get better, learn to walk again and nothing is going to get in the way of my dreams. My recovery took three years. It was a very long and taxing recovery but I made it. I can walk, jump, wear the latest fashions, work out, anything a normal girl can do! So finally, on March 6, 2003, I became a licensed aesthetician in the state of Florida.

What once was dream is now a reality! Today I teach women and men about skin care. I provide facials and peels to correct skin problems, I extract blemishes if needed, I listen, I am a friend, I do my absolute best to keep your skin as blemish free and wrinkle free (with a little attention to your hands and feet along the way). I keep bikini lines hair-free, so a woman can have a little bit better experience giving birth to her child. I give hair-free vacations to that college student who's living it up while they still can or that young couple who's going on an amazing getaway. I keep those graduates looking their best for an interview and I maintain the hygiene of career women and men.

I've been through a lot, but one thing is for certain: my career makes me happy, it gave me hope, it inspired me to recover and hope for a quality of life and I'll continue to provide outstanding aesthetic services forever. 

A few of my classmates that I worked closely with

My teacher!

Client Review Tallahassee - Zoe

Client review from Zoe while at Body Wisdom in Tallahassee.

Amber Adair is seriously the jam. She gives the perfect wax every time. Also, the receptionists at Body Wisdom are fantastic. My schedule is crazy and always changing and these girls have been exemplary at fitting me in. :)