Saturday, January 21, 2012

Skin Care Tallahassee Client Review

One of my clients, Sarah Weakley, sent me a wonderful message about her progress with her skin after a series of CosMedix peels here in Tallahassee. See her comments below. With her permission, she has allowed me to share her wonderful progress with you:

I want you to know I am absolutely AMAZED with the peal from last week! I can't remember the name of it, but I am AMAZED! I have experienced a bunch of dry skin and pealing initially, but even with that I could see a difference immediately. Now after a full week, though, it is like all areas of blemish have completely disappeared.  Look forward to seeing you again next month! Hope you are well. I appreciate all you are doing for my skin and am so encouraged with the difference that routine facials and you are having on my skin! Thanks [:)]  Sarah

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  1. I recently had the blueberry peel with Amber. I had not ever tried a peel before, but I was having some issues with my skin and decided to treat myself with some Christmas $ to one since I'd heard such great success stories! She did a wonderful job & I really enjoyed the hand & foot massage:) My skin was a little red for a few hours after(that's to be expected), but my skin looked amazing! I felt so refreshed and like my skin was glowing that I didn't wear makeup for a few days after. I'm tight on money, but will absolutely be setting some aside for another peel with Amber. Fantastic results & definitely worth every penny! Wish I could see her more often!