Monday, August 6, 2012

Adair Skin Care -- Update!

Hey! We've been super busy setting up the new business, searching for the best location and we're looking to open during the first week of September 2012! As we get closer to opening, I'll let you know where we are and how to get there. In the meantime, we're working from a temporary location that will do for now.

At Adair Skin Care I'm offering my full expertise in waxing, tinting, custom facials and custom peels to bring you a service where you see results! I'm super excited to bring a fresh perspective on facials where I will customize your treatment and look for imbalances in your skin.

I'm excited to be working in my passion and using a skin care line I've been dreaming to use for 7 years! You will be pleased ... I'm certain!

Go ahead and schedule a 30 minute consultation with me for $30 where I will fill out a completely customized derma-print with an analysis of your skin. If there is an imbalance, I will explain how we can begin to correct your skin with a series of facials.

Clear, smooth skin can be yours!  

Your skin may be congested, dehydrated or oily. Maybe you see more and more comodones with fine lines to boot!

Please look no further -- I'd be obliged to consult with you. I use the best holistic, plant-based products to do the work. Call me at 850-321-2586 to book!

-Amber Adair

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