Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chirally Correct - The Cosmedix Difference

Chirally correct skin care! Huh? What's that you ask? And how is this more effective for my skin than traditional skin care?

To be chirally correct is simply a chemistry process that ensures an improvement to the skin at the molecular level which improves the skin's physiology and dramatically decreases the possibility of adverse reactions!

The molecules in chirally correct products and facial treatments such as Correct Peels penetrate the skin without irritation. The product molecules work on skin conditions like smoothing wrinkles (by actually producing collagen) and lifting pigmentation off the face instead of lightening it. The product molecules also slow oil production to correct acne instead of drying your skin out until the point you feel like a snake that needs shedding, but your skin is so oily you can't bear to apply moisturizer.

Believe me when I say I feel your pains with your skin concerns. I can help you through your skin's woes and can recommend the products and treatments to do the work.

Cosmedix's chirally corrected Correct Peels are a new technology of peels that work in harmony with your skin's cell receptors. Traditionally a product or treatment that is not chirally correct would damage healthy tissues by busting through your cell wall creating damage to your cells and causing irritations like redness and excessive burning before the product even starts working on the conditions you were trying to address in the first place! In this case, most of your time would be spent putting on calming cream, staying indoors, and trying to heal the damage from the treatment without receiving a single improvement to the skin.

By switching to a chirally correct skin care line and facial treatments you will see actual changes in your skin's appearance (with minimal down time) for good!

Book a free consultation with me and I'll be honored to provide the right series of chirally corrected products and treatments for your skin!


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