Thursday, March 29, 2012

Help save John Paul II Catholic High School!

Mary DiMarco, a loyal client, a dynamic personality, and a person with a love for her son's school is on the board of directors at John Paul II. Mary has been working tirelessly along with others to save this amazing school. When I heard their story I was touched and truly thankful that John Paul II gave scholarships to needy students from my home town in Quincy, Fl. If you are familiar with the area then you know Quincy and the surrounding areas are filled with "F" schools, gangs, drugs and are stricken with poverty. I was pretty impressed with how this school reached out to those children who otherwise could never dream of attending a pristine school like John Paul II!

This article at Catholic Online details more about their story. Here is a YouTube video showing some of the amazing students at John Paul II Catholic High School:

The school website is and the link to donate is on the right. Please make a donation to help Tallahassee's only Catholic school and make a difference in our own community!

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