Sunday, May 13, 2012

May is Melanoma Awareness Month

In light of Melanoma Awareness Month, I thought I'd talk about sunscreen and why it's important to apply it while you are exposed to the sun so you can prevent melanoma.

One of the things we aestheticians look for every month is anything that looks abnormal. Any moles that are rough to the touch, discolored, jagged edged, or even two-toned are a warning sign and should be checked by a dermatologist.

Melanoma could be a tiny little mole and possibly even white colored on your arm. When surgicaly removed the scar could end up taking up half the length of your arm. If it's not caught in time it can be deadly. I reccommend getting a full body check up with a dermatologist once a year. If you spot any moles that look abnormal to you or you've noticed one pop up and over time it's grown bigger in size, make sure you point it out to a dermatologist!

Tanning beds are a major cause for melanoma and if you look around much of our youth is addicted to tanning. The truth is most of us adults get some sun damage even before the age of 18. As youth, we run around outdoors and are almost always running back and forth to the neighbors' house.

Can you remember a time when your mom said "It's overcast out and not too hot. I think today is a perfect day to spend out doors!" Overcast days can trick you into thinking you're not exposed to the sun because the sun is not beaming bright. But beware of the sneaking sun on these days because she's still producing rays and if you do not apply sunscreen you will still burn!

So, my goal is to educate people at a young age (and adults, it's not too late!) that sunscreen protects your body from the sun only to prevent burning. Once you've burned your skin you stand a chance of getting melanoma.

Our body has a certain amount of naturally produced melanin and even with sunscreen applied our body will still produce melanin to protect the body from over exposure to the sun. This will result in a nice natural, glowing sun-kissed effect and that's natural to your hair and skin.

When we burn and over tan we disrupt this natural process and end up looking fake and charbroiled BBQ. Some people like this kind of look, but it comes at a price for most people. In my opinion it's not worth it.

There are already enough tan people in the world! Let your beautiful pale, milky, or medium skin tone be gorgeous and flawless like nature intended. Play up your eyes and lips, get those pearly teeth whitened, and smile beautifuly everywhere you go!


  1. Hey guys. Just want you all to know that taking care of your skin isn't just for the ladies and Amber really rocks at what she does so do like I do and make sure to book a session with her. My skin looks better and better after each appointment.

  2. Thanks J! You're absolutely right guys need to care for their skin too!