Friday, May 25, 2012

Cosmedix's Deep Sea Peel vs Microdermabrasion vs Laser

Do you want to see a change in your skin's appearance? Do you look in the mirror and become concerned with photo-damage, hyper-pigmentation, adult acne, and hormonal changes but are torn between what to do? It can be a drag researching your options.

Or maybe you have and you've been told everything from "Use this product!" to "Try laser treatments, it'll be gone for good!" or "Take this medication and check back in a month!" Well hopefully I can ease your mind and give some insight into your options. But please, don't go another day without consulting with your aesthetician! 

Some things that you should always do before you do any facial treatment to correct any skin problem: start with the basics of skin care, drink water, and sleep. Without a regimen using products for your specific needs, any treatment you spend money on will most likely be a one time deal and you will not see any long term improvements to your skin. The goal is to balance the skin and to to keep it functioning at its optimum level which is eliminating waste and reproducing new healthy skin cells. Glowing skin is result of healthy habits so pay attention and break any bad ones!

Here are a couple of treatments that everyone is talking about:

Microdermabrasion - This a technique that "sandblasts" the skin and, with a combination of mild abrasion and suction, will remove the dead outer layer of skin to reveal new, undamaged skin. The procedure requires no anaesthetic and is generally not painful. I'm not a fan of how harsh microdermabrasion is on the skin. Think of sandblasting all of your skin cells at once. In my opinion, it's too much too quick for the skin to process and be able to keep that going long term.

Laser therapy - This treatment comes in the form of pulsating light that penetrates the skin to produce collagen and erase damage from your skin. Some side effects include scarring and long-lasting redness. After an ablative laser procedure, for number of days you will need to use cool compresses and apply ointment. You may even need to take an antibiotic and an antiviral to help prevent infection. The laser in my opinion can be a horror to recover from, but may still produce a good result.

Cosmedix's multi-depth Deep Sea Peel - This peel requires some prepping with a prep kitThis potent, non-acid “herbal” peel penetrates deep into the skin to stimulate change in the skin's appearance. But it's not just the skin's appearance alone; this peel is chirally correct so it will not damage healthy tissue as it penetrates to stimulate change and erase any uneven skin tone. It utilizes the healing power of the ocean: it is made from sea salt and coral reef. The Deep Sea Peel helps significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and photo-damage.

Think of it as an American-made, healthy alternative from Mother Earth that actually lifts the damage off the face with little downtime and no side effects. The feel is like fiber glass as I massage it into the skin. But what you are receiving is nothing but healthy for your skin. When the treatment is over it will feel tender to the touch for 24-48 hours but you will not look like you've just had peel: you can even go out that night if you wish! You can wear makeup as long as you follow up with your after care kitRead up on chirally correct if you are hesitant! Trust me: the days of looking like hamburger meat to receive a good peel are over

If you'd like to consult with me for a Deep Sea Peel then book a reservation and I'll explain the prep kit and after care kit more in-depth.

Below are before and after pics of a series of Deep Sea peels I did on my client to improve hormonal acne, scaring, and pigmentation! The results are astounding, so enjoy! 

Deep Sea Peel - Before

Deep Sea Peel - After  3 Peels


  1. The deep sea peel has been a miracle for my skin. I've fought cystic acne brought on by hormonal changes for several years. I'd almost given up when I found Amber. She suggested the deep sea peel and I'm very glad that I followed her expert advise. The peels, in addition to the Cosmedix daily products, have cleared my skin and even helped with the fine lines and wrinkles that show up with age. Thank you, Amber!