Monday, June 4, 2012

Personal experience: A sudden skin reaction!

Just wanted to share that over Memorial Day weekend I had what looked like a sun rash pop up on my left cheek! I was a little worried it may be the first signs of rosacea given rosacea can be triggered by prolonged sun exposure and I had been exposed to the sun pretty much the entire day.

Just to give you the play by play, first I took precautionary measures and treated the problem as if it was just a break out. I used Cosmedix Benefit Clean to cleanse and Cosmedix Emulsion to hydrate my face morning and night. I kept my hands off my face and changed my pillow case each night. In two days my problem cleared up. This is a good example of treating your skin well when you suddenly see horrific bumps on your face. There is no need to dry-out the breakout. Instead, give your skin the water and moisture it needs to repair healthy new cells!

Think of a cut. If you dry the cut out it doesn't heal as well as a cut that has been cleansed and bandaged to preserve moisture so it can heal. The exact way of thinking pertains in this case. Our skin is designed to heal itself when given proper nutrition, water, and cleansing. These are building blocks the skin can benefit from to repair healthy cells which result in clear skin. 

I don't know what exactly caused the break out, but the basics of skin care surely cleared up my skin!

If this ever happens to you book a hydrating facial ASAP and do not use any harsh products on your face in the meantime!

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