Friday, June 8, 2012

Dr.'s Office Facials vs Basic Skin Care

Brier skin care facial
Prepped and ready for a basic skin care facial
One question I get asked all time when I'm out mingling around town or having dinner with family and friends is, "What's the difference between facials at a doctor's office and the kind of facials you do?"

My answer is simple: facials at a doctor's office are similar to what I do except the doctor is more likely to prescribe Retin-a, Acutane or some other prescription medications first. They are more likely to suggest a laser facial, facial surgery, or botox before they ask you about your diet or habits. Sure, botox is an easy, quick fix. Sure, the wrinkles can disappear, but what's the point if you keep your lifestyle the same or don't change your skin care regimen? You are just in a cycle of insanity: doing the same thing expecting different results. The main concern of a dermatologist is finding and treating diseases of the skin. Skin cancer, abnormal moles, out of control cystic acne, and other diseases of the skin are some of the main things they are experts on. Most of the basic skin care issues like acne, skin breakouts, monthly facials, extractions and peels will usually be referred to an aesthetician to preform. That aesthetician will solely make the decision regarding what is the best treatment to do since that is their total scope of knowledge. Usually that aesthetician will work in the dermatology office or the aesthetician can work independently because they are licensed to practice basic skin care in their state.

As for basic skin care, what I do is conceptually similar to what a aesthetician working in a dermatology office does. I'm licensed to analyze your skin. From here I choose the best treatment to correct your problem. I preform extractions to remove any dirt and sebum trapped in your pores. I also massage more than the average aesthetician because massage is a very important part of your monthly facial regimen. And I have the time to spend as much time with you as I wish because I'm not being ordered by a doctor so I can keep the atmosphere pretty enjoyable and less sterile.

Facials with me are more of a lifestyle change for you and I put a little work back on you to use your products so that you see long term results. Failing to do so leads to ups and downs with your skin's condition and you'll never see the long term change that you seek. I'm neither a medical facility nor a foo foo spa. You can expect a middle ground with me. You will receive a great facial and see results while being relaxed! I do not take the place of a dermatologist and a dermatologist can't take the place of an aesthetician like me. Together, with our team effort, you are sure to have every need met with some pretty desired perks along the way too!

Medical treatments like facial surgery do have their place and are still valuable, but only if you truly need them. They can never replace the need for a proper diet and a basic skin care routine.
I welcome comments and I would love to hear your experiences with this subject.


  1. When you started doing my facials it encouraged me to start taking better care of myself inside and out. I have seen major improvements in my skin and in my overall wellness :)

  2. Great news to hear! It's been a pleasure treating your skin:)!