Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gorgeous Eyebrows Take Dedication

Would you like full, well-arched eyebrows that frame your face perfectly but think you can't grow any?

Ask yourself, "How often do I look in the mirror and tweeze"? Each eyebrow hair that grows is important. Just one hair could could make or break the evenness in your brows. When you constantly tweeze you aren't giving the brows enough time to fill in empty spaces in your brows.

Ever wonder when you get your brows waxed every two weeks for months they appear thinner and thinner and you think to yourself, "My eyebrows look thin, I'm trying someone new"! There is such a thing as over waxing!

I suggest about every two and a half to three weeks for a brow wax. Every two weeks is a little excessive and if there isn't ample hair to remove the brow just gets thiner and thiner. Please do not tweeze in between brow appointments as it makes the hair coarse and hard to remove.

Ever think "I just had my brows waxed but I have what looks like specks of pepper in my brows"? Thats because the hair was too short to remove. If you tweezed or shaved recently then wax will not remove that hair until it is long enough.

It takes about 6 months of regular eyebrow waxes to fully shape your brows from scratch. There are cases where a client may really have an issue far beyond over tweezing thats not allowing hair growth. In these cases have a consultation with your aesthetician first. Most of the time your problem is an easy fix!  Be patient! Most people are more than capable of having beautiful brows to frame their face.

Here is a finished product of a client that laid down the tweezer. Lara has been loyal and consistent with brow appointments for about 2 years. It took around 6 months to fully complete the grow out period with her brows! One thing is for sure: they are gorgeous!