Monday, March 26, 2012

Eyebrow waxing and Tinting

An eyebrow wax and tinting serves one purpose: it frames your face and gives it symmetry which enhances your wonderful face shape. A professional eyebrow wax can make your eyes appear more open and pop.

But sometimes waxing is not enough to create this look. Tinting the brows is necessary if your hair is blonde, grey, or if you have dark brows but want them bolder, or if you changed your hair color. The tint I use is a vegetable dye and rinses out in 8 washes. There is no line of demarcation like hair dyes; when the color fades it just washes out. So no worries of having brow roots! It fades right back to your natural color. At first, tinted brows may seem very bold and a little unnatural. This is because some of the dye will stick to your skin in the brow hair but after two washes it blends right in.

Britney, in the process of growing her brows out. This is what the
growing out stage looks like. You can see a little unevenness
and she's about 4 months away from perfect brows! This is the
after picture of waxing and tinting!
Beginning stages but a full arch is on the way!

Mrs. Carolyn, a long time loyal client of Body Wisdom, has been consistent with her brows for about 5 years. Carolyn was one of the first Body Wisdom clients I serviced when I started my journey at Body Wisdom 5 years ago.

Here we have her brows perfectly waxed, arched and tinted to give her face a beautiful shape and symmetry. This is a perfect example of how waxing and tinting the brows pop her skin tone and help her brows look thicker.

Here'a a mother-daughter service for waxing and tinting. My client Wendy brought her mother to see me. It was her mom's very first time getting a professional brow service done! I was honored and, yet again, happy clients warm my heart!

So book your brow tinting and waxing appointment today and I'll recommend the perfect shape and color for your face!

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